Cable Railing Systems for Stairs & Balconies

The recent wave of minimalist design has DIY owners and builders going crazy over cable railing systems for stairs and balconies. Their sleek, modern look blends with any décor— inside or out—and they are a perfect choice if you're looking to update your home design from classic to the 21st century. 

Cable railings are not your traditional hardware for staircases. Rather, most staircases feature balusters that offer vertical support columns for handrails, placed side by side between newel posts. In comparison, cable railing systems feature multiple cables that run horizontally from one column to another. Rest assured, they provide the same structural support as balusters, and they are as sturdy as their more-traditional counterparts. 

Their sleek look and durability are not the only things going for cable railing systems, though. Builders and DIY homeowners are favoring them over wood and wrought-iron hardware today because they are also super easy to install. They require virtually no maintenance and can readily survive outdoor conditions, making them ideal for your balcony and patio railings. The best part? They are a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your design compared to the costs of other railing options. 

Cable railing systems are also an excellent choice if you want your staircase to blend into the background while bringing other visual and design elements to the foreground. These cable railings are the modern-minimalist interior designer's dream because they are nearly invisible. So you can add decoration and function to your home without making it look cluttered. 

 If you prioritize your view or want the sleek, modern look inside or outside your home, cable railing is an excellent choice for you. It is durable, economical, and easy to install – everything you could want for your 21st century home!