Iron NEwel Posts for Stairs

Wrought-iron newel posts are an excellent choice if you're looking to complement iron balusters on your staircase. A well-designed newel can match balusters seamlessly, and these designs are both functional and aesthetic, lending structural strength and appeal to your staircase. Wrought iron newel posts can mimic the design of your railings to create a unified look for your stairs. 

In case you're not familiar with newels, they can be the central pillars of winding staircases or pillars that support the handrail on your staircase. Your newel posts must be sturdy and well-built to support the rails that provide you with balance when going up or down the stairs. This safety feature is of particularly prime importance for homes where children or seniors often use the stairs. 

Wrought-iron newel posts give you peace of mind because your pillars feature durable materials that won't break or come loose when a loved one rests on the handrails of your staircase. 

Moreover, while they are metal, that doesn't mean that wrought-iron newels only come in black. When you decide on the design of your staircase, we give your newel posts a powder coating of your choice to match the overall design of your home. You can even add a patina finish to your newel to give it that aesthetically pleasing, weathered look. 

If you're looking to add a sense of elegance to your staircase, wrought-iron newel posts are a clear choice. They are highly customizable and come in different finishes that make your stairs genuinely pop in the eyes of your visitors. Keep in mind, too, that wrought iron newel posts aren't just used to add style to your home, they are functional. Be sure to have them correctly installed by a professional, so they provide the sturdy protection you need.  


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