Juliet Balcony Railing

Master Fabrication in Charlotte, NC, is committed to helping our customers bring their homes from plain and boring to more of a statement of their own personal style, whether that be spicy or elegant or romantic. Many have asked us about Juilet balconies and what their purpose is. The name itself calls to mind the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, so this type of design sounds extremely appealing and romantic even with no other details presented.

Most traditional balconies require space to create an outdoor deck or overhang, but a Juliet balcony railing, also known as a faux balcony or balconette, allows the window to be open to bring in the outdoors without that expensive extra that your home may or may not need. Simply, this type of railing is easy and inexpensive to install and are mounted to the exterior or your home. Although the balcony is not fully functional as such, it gives the illusion and provides an interesting decorative element to your home.

The options to choose from when installing a Juliet balcony are many, but mostly wrought iron or some type of aluminum or steel are your best bets. You can use other interesting features to further enhance your home with a Juliet balcony railing. We can design and install planters on the rails or hanging baskets to bring a bit of earthy beauty to the railing. Also, you can use decorative shutters of many different styles and colors to adorn the outside of your home.

Juliet balcony railings are also safer than a traditional balcony because they present less of a risk of falling or children and adults, both. The bars are spaced close together, which looks great as well as provides protection. If you don't have time to get a full deck going or don't want to risk a child falling off of one, a Juliet balcony can be a life saver, and not just money-wise.

We love working with our customers to design a custom look that will increase the enjoyment and value of their home.