Wood vs. Wrought Iron Spindles: Which is the Best Choice?

The spindles, commonly referred to as balusters may come across as some useless parts of a staircase to homeowners. However, the spindles are integral parts of any staircase design as they impact in its appeal as well as functionality. In this regard, many homeowners today are confused on whether replacing wood spindles with wrought iron would be the best course of action for their homes. Basically, the spindles on your staircase combine with the other parts to offer an architectural impression. With expert craftsmanship, you will realize that wrought iron spindles have more options and benefits to offer, in this regard. Mentioned below are some of the differences you should consider when trying to figure out which of the options is the best.

Wood Spindles

While wood spindles are available in a myriad of varieties, they may not be the best option for your home. This is because of their many shortcomings. For instance, wood may crack, warp and is easily damaged. This is particularly the case, if the staircase is not regularly maintained. Additionally, wood balusters will give your home a rather traditional look. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider replacing wood spindles with wrought iron spindles in your home.

Wrought Iron Spindles

An increasing number of homeowners today are getting wrought iron spindles as a replacement for their wood spindles. This may be attributed to the many benefits that wrought iron has to offer. If you are already considering replacing wood spindles with wrought iron in your home, you are on the right path. As compared to wood spindles, wrought iron is more durable, better looking and requires minimal maintenance to retain its visual appeal for a long period.

Since replacing wood spindles with wrought iron is the right decision for your staircase, you should buy your spindles from renowned manufacturers. This way, you can rest assured that you bought the spindles of the best quality.