Should You Buy Solid of Hollow Rod Iron Staircase Spindles?

In addition to giving your staircase the aesthetic appeal and strength you desire, rod iron staircase spindles are some of the staircase spindles that feature some of the most elegant designs today. Rod iron spindles will effectively serve their main purpose, which is to support the hand rail part of the staircase for many years to come with a minimal need for maintenance and or replacement. Over the recent years, there has been an increased preference for wrought iron spindles by homeowners in the country. This may be attributed to the many benefits that wrought iron has to offer, as compared to other staircase spindle materials. When shopping for the right rod iron staircase spindles for your home, you will come across two main options; the solid and the hollow spindles.

Both the hollow and the solid types of spindles will offer your staircase the durability and strength you need. However, you will have to make a choice between the two at the end of the day. So, which of the two options will serve your purpose?

Hollow Rod Iron Staircase Spindles

The main advantage of hollow balusters over the solid ones is that they are comparatively affordable. As compared to solid rod iron staircase spindles, hollow wrought iron spindles don’t use as much iron. As such, they will be combatively cheaper to buy. Additionally, hollow spindles are also lighter, which makes the cheaper to ship. Basically, wrought iron balusters are manufactured in long sizes, meant to be cut to size at the site. In this regard, hollow spindles are easier to cut using either hand or power cutting tools.

Solid Iron Spindles

As compared to the hollow type, solid rod iron staircase spindles happen to be more versatile. As such, they are ideal for both interior and exterior applications. However, solid iron balusters should be re-powder-coated, if they are being used on an exterior staircase of balcony. The main benefit of the solid variety of wrought iron balusters is that they can be shaped into almost any design. Owing to the fact that the material is solid, artisans have the freedom to shape the spindles to almost any design they desire.

As you can see, the choice between solid and hollow rod iron staircase spindles mainly depends on your budget and tastes. Other than that, all wrought iron spindles from the leading manufacturers are of the best quality, strength, durability and come in a myriad of designs to offer the aesthetic appeal you desire.