What Makes Simple Wrought Iron Railings a Popular Choice?

Simple wrought iron railings can make a significant improvement, with regards to the design, appearance and value of your home. No wonder these railings are some of the most preferred railing choices by homeowners today. According to many homeowners, wrought iron staircase and balcony parts are simply a magnificent work of art. This is particularly the case for the rod iron balusters and railings by the leading fabricators in the country today. If you are new to wrought iron railings, you must be wondering what makes them, a popular choice for many homeowners. Well, here are some of the top reasons you should as well opt for this railing option.

Improved Safety

Just as is the case with any staircase design, the primary function of the handrail system is to offer safety. This is why the renowned fabricators manufacture simple wrought iron railings carefully and using precise measurements to ensure that you have high quality construction for your staircase. In addition to offering an outstanding aesthetical appeal, simple wrought iron railings also ensure:

  • Durability while meeting the essential safety requirements
  • Enough strength to support weight while preventing it from rolling from any angle
  • Compliance to both horizontal spacing and vertical heights

Enhanced Appeal

Another reason for the growing popularity of wrought iron railings is their striking appeal. These staircase parts are renowned for their timeless beauty and ability to add sophistication to any staircase design. Additionally, more homeowners prefer simple wrought iron railings because of their versatility; while they can be used on interior staircases, they are also strong and durable enough for exterior applications, in both residential and commercial properties. With regards to the design of your railings, you can choose from a myriad designs and finishes available today, ranging from whimsical to custom designs, industrial and rustic to traditional designs.

Having simple wrought iron railings installed in your home incorporates a piece of art into your living space. This will, in turn, improve the safety of the staircase as well as the appeal and value of the entire property.