Top DIY Stair Baluster Replacement Mistakes You Should Avoid

Stair baluster replacement is a rather simple do it yourself (DIY) project, provided that you follow the right procedure and use the right tools. Whether you are installing a new staircase or are just updating an old one, you first need to ensure that the stair railing is well installed and in good condition before installing or replacing the balusters. While DIY stair baluster and stair railing replacement or installation is a rather simple project, it still requires attention to details. In this regard, it is advisable to plan adequately for the project in order to avoid mistakes. Failing to follow the right procedure during a stair baluster replacement project can lead to an array of mistakes, some of which include:

Going Overboard with the Design

If you are going to install the spindles on your own and do not have the required installation or replacement skills, it is advisable to stick to minimalistic designs. Such designs, whether for stair railings or balusters are easier to install, as opposed to the rather complex designs. Many homeowners who attempt DIY stair baluster replacement projects are attracted by the beauty and appeal of some of the complex baluster designs in the market today to make this mistake. To avoid installation mistakes, try to select a design that is just clean and simple. To enhance the appeal of such a simple design, you may then apply a quality paint finish to your staircase.

Poor and Inaccurate Measurements

While this may sound impossible, it is one of the commonest DIY stair baluster replacement mistakes today. To avoid this, you should take the required measurements of the railings and spindles two or three times, just to be sure. In this regard, you should avoid Lackadaisical measuring as much as possible because it is more likely to lead to inaccurate measurements that will end up frustrating your DIY attempts at proper stair baluster replacement projects.

If it is just the balusters that you are replacing in your staircase, you should ensure that the railings are properly installed. For instance, you should use a level to ensure that the railings are set to either 30 or 45 degrees. Without the right railing slope on your staircase, it is practically impossible to avoid DIY stair baluster replacement mistakes.