Stair Fabricators

If you are looking for stair fabricators to improve your home, Master Fabrication of Charlotte, NC, are the experienced stair fabricators you are looking for. We can walk you through the process of stair fabrication from start to finish, leaving you extremely satisfied with our work – guaranteed!

If you have not been searching for stair fabricators for long, you will want to learn what the various options are and what their pros and cons are. If you are seeking custom stairs, you will find that this is not something that comes from a box at a store. You have to work with stair fabricators in order to obtain the end result you are looking for.

Your budget and end goal will most likely determine what type of material you will what to work with. Master Fabrication, your best bet on stair fabricators in the area, will work with you to determine which materials will be best for your custom stairs.

When working with stair fabricators, you will find that you will need to choose which type of metal to work with. Carbon steel can be versatile and strong, but if you are working with the high carbon grade, it may be difficult to work with. Usually a low carbon or medium carbon steel is easier for stair fabricators to work with, giving you the look and results that you need. Alloy steel is a favorite with stair fabricators and customers alike because it is good for the budgets since it is easy to work with. Stainless steel is often a good option if you are working in a food and beverage business and need "clean," durable surfaces. Lastly, stair fabricators work with aluminum because it is versatile and durable.

After you and your stair fabricators have decided upon a type of metal to work with, you will work with them to choose which tread choice would work best for your needs. This a very important decision for stairs and platforms because it must be strong enough to safely carry the weight it will be subjected to. Some popular types are plank treads, bar gate treads, and diamond plate treads.

Check with your stair fabricators at Master Fabrication, and we will be able to consult with you about all of the options that will work best for you.