Different Types of Staircase Spindles

Balusters, also known as spindles, are used as support to floorings of stairs. The architecture also considers staircases as one of the factors that affect the whole interior designs for multi-story buildings and houses. However, it is placed on the side, staircase with iron spindles give a stunning effect to it that match and blend very well on any decided theme or style of the interior. Balusters, when arranged in small, repetitive spaces, make a form of balustrades.

Whether spindles are made of wood, metal or stone, they still provide safety as it divides the space of the stairs from the original flooring to avoid anyone falling off, especially with children and elders. These are the things you have to consider in choosing a correct spindle or baluster for your home.

  • Staircases with iron spindles are obviously harder than woods. They are made of wrought iron, therefore, it is also more expensive especially when it comes to shipping. A lot of designs can be done but iron is also tough to bend and cut for installation. However, you are assured that this type of baluster is durable and strong enough to last for a long time.
  • Wooden spindle differs from staircases with an iron spindle in many ways. It is more affordable, and yes, it can also last for a long time. You just need to paint it with oils like linseed oil for protection and preserving a natural traditional warm look of your stair. Even if the design is mostly straight lines, it can also come in curved shape woods. This gives traditional earthly color and ambiance to your home.
  • Stone or cast balusters are molded casts that are mostly designed for the Romanesque style of architecture. The cast balustrades can come in different sizes and shapes according to your preferred design. The only disadvantage of this kind of spindle is its breakable or fragile factor that will leave it in pieces when wrecked by a harder material. But with proper maintenance, this spindle could last for a long time as well.