Balconies: Which Is Which

Balconies show a great architectural design for a home or establishment. Unlike another floor level, a balcony serves as an extension that is placed as high as needed, a place to see good scenery or just a necessary extension. This is usually placed outdoors for an amusing viewing experience and inside for a comfy theater view. This structure is constructed with high-quality materials such as steel balcony railings for safety.

Here are the types of balconies you may want to consider for your home:

1. True Balcony

If you wish to have wider space on your second floor or higher, a true balcony is for you. This type provides more space and can carry more furniture. You can add a steel balcony railing that can support and accommodate a reasonable number of people.

2. False Balcony

This type is commonly used for plant decorations or simply a part of your home decor only. It is just attached to a specific wall to add beauty and not suitable for walking or adding furniture, unlike a true balcony. Aside from steel balcony railings, the railings can be made of glass, wood, or even acrylic types of deck and railing.

3. Faux Balcony

This is also known as a type of balcony. A faux balcony has railings without space which are commonly installed on windows or doors for safety purposes. Railings are installed but with no decks and have no direct purpose to the building. However, it is still a part of the decor of your home or building.

4. Mezzanine Balcony

A typical balcony known for it is designed outward wall. A mezzanine balcony is used for external space of a home or establishment. They are usually seen in large hotels but it can be constructed at home as well. This provides a large deck and railing and can be a place for coffee tables for breakfast or like a larger balcony for royal announcements.