Tips to Help You Choose the Right Window Balcony Railing System

The choice of the best suited window balcony railing system should be primarily influenced by the topography of the balcony. Selecting the right railing system for your balcony is one of the renovation projects that will have a significant effect on the appearance of your home. In addition to the balcony topography, you should also consider the architectural style of the entire building and get a railing system design that complements the style of your home.

Basically, a wrought iron balcony railing system allows homeowners to decorate their homes in a way that is original, unique and enhances the aesthetical value of the entire property. However, the choice of the railing design will, to a large extent, influence the end results. Mentioned below are some of the tips as well as exterior balcony railing design options you should consider prior to making this decision.

Juliet balconies

This is a type of balcony that is positioned in front of the house and along the perimeter of the house. As such, a Juliet balcony will have at least one front view of the property. If you have such a balcony in your home, the best suited window balcony railing would be in a design that features simple and straight shapes.

A Protruding Balcony

Just like a Juliet balcony, this type of balconies also protrudes from the front side of the house. However, protruding balconies offer three front views and two side views. The choice of the right window balcony railing system for such a balcony is rather complicated as you need to consider the profile of your balcony. For instance, a protruding balcony that has a straight line will require either a curved or linear railing system.

Roman Balconies

Balconies under this category have minimal overhangs. A good example of a roman balcony is a window that opens to a balcony floor. In such a case, you should opt for a railing design that has a similar line shape to the window frame. For example a curved railing system will be the best choice for a roman balcony on which the window frame is curved.