How to Best Clean Your Wrought Iron Interior Gates

Wrought iron is an ornamental metal that is extensively applied in the fabrication of iron staircases and wrought iron interior gates today. When applied properly, this metal can add a distinct character to your interior as well as exterior space. The preference to wrought iron gates in the past years may be attributed to the fact that the material lasts longer and requires minimal maintenance, as compared to other materials used to make interior gates today. While the material requires minimal maintenance, it is advisable to clean your interior wrought iron gates to ensure that they are looking awesome at all times. If you do not know the best way to clean your interior wrought iron gates, this guide will help you clean them appropriately.

Fill Two Spray Bottles or Buckets with Warm Water

One of the buckets or spray bottles should be reserved for washing the gate while the other one will be used to rinse the gates after you have washed them thoroughly. The water in these containers should not be too hot as it can burn you while washing your wrought iron interior gates. In the bucket or spray bottle meant for washing, you should add some soap. For the best results, you should use a mild cleanser like a household cleaner or dish soap. For guidance, you should add about 14 mL of the cleanser in every 946 mL of water you will be using to wash the gates.

You may also add a small amount of vinegar as a milder cleanser in your washing water. Since you are cleaning wrought iron interior gates, you should use distilled white vinegar and mix about 118 mL of the white vinegar in every 1.9 L of water.

Get Rid of Any Non-wrought Iron Materials

Since the washing solution is specifically meant for cleaning wrought iron material, you should remove any gate part that is not made of wrought iron prior to washing the gate. If you cannot isolate such materials from the gate, you should wash the gate carefully, while avoiding such parts.

Wash the Wrought Iron Interior Gates with a Washcloth or Sponge

To wash the door, soak a sponge or a washcloth into the washing solution, but don’t squeeze the excess water out because you will need it to clean your gates properly. If your washing solution is in a spray bottle, you should just spray it onto the washcloth or sponge until it is dampened.

Once you have washed every part of your wrought iron interior gates with the washing solution, you should now rinse it thoroughly using the warm water in the other bucket or spray bottle and leave the gates to dry.