Wrought Iron Pickets for Stairs

Transforming your home into a place of beauty is one of most homeowner's favorite things. You choose the decorations, the colors, the pieces of interest. One item that goes overlooked at times is what you will do with your stairs. A staircase can be one of the most prominent features of your home, so you want to make sure that you choose a look that will work for you and your family.

At Master Fabrication in Charlotte, NC, we can help you choose the right look for your wrought iron pickets when you are searching for the perfect look for your stairs. The options are to use only wrought iron pickets, choose an iron balustrade and handrail, or to combine wood and wrought iron in a look all your own. If you are interested in having us create wrought iron pickets inside your home, you can be concerned only with the style you want, as the weather will not be a factor in the life of your wrought iron stairs.

When consulting with us about the design of your wrought iron pickets for your set of stairs, you can consider using true wrought iron steel or what is known as "mild steel," as it has the same general look of wrought iron but is less expensive because of the ease of production. Some homeowners with older architectural styles prefer pure wrought iron pickets for the stairs from a purist perspective, but many other homeowners are very pleased with their mild steel designs that are very close to "true" wrought iron.

If you choose wrought iron pickets for your stairs, you have a lot of options for design. You can have extensive, intricate designs with wrought iron, creating a wonderful impression when family and friends walk into your home. The look of wood and wrought iron together can be extremely pleasing and comforting while at the same time bringing the elegant flair you desire.

Contact Master Fabrication, and we will work to help you create the design that will make your home your dream home.