The Application of Powder-Coated Staircase Iron Spindles: Interior or Exterior?

Like many homeowners in the country today, you may prefer the combination of wood handrails and staircase iron spindles in your home. Such a combination may also be used on the exterior deck as well s on the partial installations in your home. However, quite a number of homeowners do not know whether it is alright to use off-the-shelf, powder coated spindles outside the house. Well, the conventional powder coated iron staircase balusters are primarily meant for interior applications only. Basically, it is not advisable to use a paint that is designed for interior application outside the house. Similarly, it is inappropriate to use these powder coated staircase iron spindles for exterior applications. So, what effect can this have?

When these balusters are installed outside the house, they will not predispose your iron spindles to rust, nor will they chip or peal. The problem in this case, is that they will fade due to the direct exposure to sunlight. This will compromise their color quality as well as their aesthetic appeal over time. To avoid this scenario, you should consider using the following options for exterior applications:

Applying a Polyurethane, UV Clear Coat

If you intend to use the staircase iron spindles outside the house, you should have them coated using a polyurethane UV clear coat prior to installation. As opposed to the powder coating, this option is more resilient and will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. If you are carrying out a DIY installation project, you can buy a polyurethane aerosol from your local store and use it to coat your balusters before installing them.

Applying Quality Exterior Grade Paint

This is another option that will work for exterior applications of staircase iron spindles. In this case, you should get raw iron or Matte Primed spindles from a reputable fabricator in the country and paint it using quality exterior grade paint before installing it. Alternatively, you may send the raw iron spindles to a local paint finish shop for the appropriate exterior paint application and preparation.

If you do not want to go through the hustle of having to prepare your staircase iron spindles on site, you should consider buying spindles that are suited for the right application, exterior use in this case. Some of the leading wrought iron staircase spindle manufacturers are known to manufacture a range of exterior ready staircase iron spindles.