Wrought Iron Panels for Stairs

If you're looking to create an accent for your overall interior design, using wrought-iron panels on your staircase can make an elegant addition to your home. They can transform your staircase into something from a movie. You can make your stairs the centerpiece of your home's entrance, or meld them into the background to complement your overall design. 

Wrought iron is a robust and malleable alloy that we can craft into different sizes and designs to suit your specific taste. Your panels can be custom-built and feature designs to your liking—whether you want a French Art Deco style or are going for a modern minimalist look, these panels can suit your preference. The number of designs and finishes are almost endless, so you always can find the one that fits your home design perfectly. 

Most iron panels are coated black after they are fabricated and allow for further customization before installation. If you want more design elements added to your panels, the lack of powder finish makes it easier to return to us for further customization and welding. Once you've decided to install the panels, they can be coated later with a finish of your choice to complement your decor perfectly.  

Wrought-iron panels are durable and will last as long as your home stands. Even better, they require little to no maintenance. Just wipe off any accumulated dust, and you’re set for another couple of weeks or even months. 

Many builders, DIY designers, and homeowners today say iron panels deliver the perfect blend of quality and creative freedom. They are flexible and versatile, so you can create amazing designs that will stand the test of time. Professionally made and installed wrought-iron panels give any home that elegant and regal look that exudes class. 

wrought iron spindles for stairs.jpg