Painting Iron Railings for Stairs Interiors

A reason why iron railings for stairs interior are popular is that of the fact that they’re cost-effective to clean, maintain, and repaint. Truth be told, newly painted iron railings usually look better than unpainted railings. In this article, we’ll go through some of the tips for painting iron railings for stairs interiors.

Tip #1 – Prep the iron railings

It’s important to properly prep any surface before painting it, especially when it comes to iron railings. If you fail to clean the railing before applying paint to it, bubbles and flaking may appear because of unwanted rust. So before you start getting creative and applying paint to the iron railing, first scrub using a wire brush to remove the flaking paint and the rust. Afterwards, you can proceed to remove the rest of the paint by using sandpaper. Once the old paint is removed, start sweeping the area and wipe the iron railings with soapy water. Dry the iron railing with a clean, dry cloth and apply tape to the bottom of them.

Once your surface is ready, you can apply a rust-inhibitive primer and let it dry for about 3 hours, or what the directions say.

Tip #2 – Painting the iron railings

After the primer dries off completely, you can start applying enamel paint (best to use rust-inhibitive ones as well). Just like with the primer, the paint also comes in liquid and aerosol form. For iron railings for stairs interiors, it’s best to use liquid pain instead of aerosol paint to avoid making a big mess. Remember to cover everything with the help of a foam tip brush. No matter what type of paint you use, don’t paint with just one thick layer. Try applying multiple layers of lighter coats to create an even better finish, this technique helps prevent flaking and bubbling.