Tips on How to Clean Iron Stair Baluster


Whether you have iron stair baluster indoors or outdoors, you must know how to properly clean it, to ensure that it always look vibrant and presentable. Some of the many reasons why the iron baluster installation is a popular choice are due to its elegant designs, diversity, wide selection and durability. All this combined make iron baluster an ideal investment. However, without proper maintenance or cleaning all of these can be meaningless. This is the reason why you have to know how to properly maintain and clean your iron baluster.


There are two primary ways to clean an iron baluster. The first way is dusting, which can be done on a daily basis and does not require too much time to execute. The other is deep cleaning or thorough iron baluster cleaning, which is primarily done less frequently or after missing your regular cleaning routine for a long while.  To give you more details on how this is done, check out the information provided below:


Types of Iron Stair Baluster Cleaning Methods


Dusting or Regular Routine Cleaning


When performing this cleaning method you can either use a feather duster or dry microfiber cloth. The key is to remove the dust with dry method. By thoroughly running the feather duster through the iron stair baluster you can be sure to get rid of the dusts that are slowly accumulating in the baluster. Give the baluster’s intricate design a good run as well to make sure that you don’t miss a spot. Whether you are using a feather duster or a dry microfiber cloth you’ll probably get the same result provided you run it through the baluster strategically. Remember to refrain from using regular cleaning chemicals such as bleach and detergent. These have harmful components that might do more harm than good once it comes in contact with your iron baluster.


Thorough or Deep Cleaning


Inevitably you’ll likely miss cleaning your iron stair baluster from time to time. When you’re away on a business trip or on a holiday vacation. This can often result in stubborn buildup of grime and dirt on your iron baluster. Simply dusting doesn’t usually work with this type of buildup, thus the need for deep cleaning. To conduct a deep cleaning you will need diluted vinegar. Use two-part water and one part distilled vinegar. Soak a clean towel to this solution and use it to scrub off stubborn grime from your iron stair baluster.  Once you’re done, make sure to dry your iron stair baluster using a new clean dry towel.


The details provided here are just some of the popular cleaning methods utilized for iron stair baluster.