Juliet Railing – What You Need to Know


Juliet railing is commonly used for shallow balconies as a safety and protective enclosure. Unlike, regular balconies, Juliet balcony does not stick out far from the wall of the building. It is recognizable as an opening from the upper storey of the building with an immediate railing securing it. This opening helps add more light, ventilation and beauty to the room.


Like most parts of your house, there are certain rules and measures that you have to comply and observe if you are planning to have a Juliet balcony. Some of these rules require strict adherence as required by the government, while others must be observed for your own safety and security.


Juliet Railing 101


·       First, you have to make sure that your Juliet balcony adheres to the standard measurements as required by the regulating law in your state.


·       Check if the construction laws in your state require standard gap measurement in the railings. Remember to buy a Juliet railing kit that complies with this requirement.


·       Unless you are a professional contractor, it is highly recommended that you get a good contractor to install and work on your Juliet railing.  A local professional contractor has the necessary knowledge, experience and safety tools and gears to work on the installation safely and efficiently.


·       Find a Juliet railing that is suitable for the type of weather and environment that you have. The most commonly used Juliet balcony idea is usually made of wrought iron railings. One of the primary reasons for this is its durability and ductility. Since Juliet balcony railings are commonly installed at the exterior of the building, it is easily exposed to various damaging elements such as rain, heat and cold. The best way to ensure that your balcony railing will last is to use a material that can withstand these harsh elements. This is where the durability of iron comes in. The ductility of wrought iron on the other hand, is highly useful for creating intricate and elegant railing designs.  


The details provided here are just some of the things that you need to know if you are planning to install a Juliet railing in your home or property.