Types Metal Porch Railing Designs


Metal porch railing designs are one of the popularly used type of railings. There are various reasons why this is. Some of the leading reasons include themes, design, versatility and durability. Using metal railings helps highlight the elegant theme you are aiming for, especially if you wish to get a Victorian feel for your porch where you combine wood with intricate metal railing designs. Depending on your purpose and priorities, you may explore the different types of metal porch railings available in the market today. To help you get acquainted with your available options, check out the details below:


Different Metal Porch Railing Designs Options




Aluminum is one of the leading types of metal porch railing designs utilized for outdoor use or exterior porch railing. This particular type of metal is resistant to rust and usually given powdery coat finish to help it battle harsh weather conditions. It also adapts well with colored paint giving users more option to help match their theme.




Steel, although not a popular type of material for metal railing designs can also be seen from time to time. One of the issues with this type of metals is rusting, which is why not many people use this for exterior railings. However, through time this has changed with the use of various rustproof treatments, paint, and solutions.


Wrought Iron


Out of the three types of metal porch railing designs mentioned here, the wrought iron is probably the most popular choice for porch railing plans.  This is because wrought iron offers the same durability and reliability as aluminum, but at a more affordable price. Like aluminum, wrought iron is also often covered with powder coat or paint to keep it resistant from harsh weather and temperature changes.


The details provided here are some of the types of materials used for metal porch railing designs. Choosing the right material for your need will depend on your budget, priorities and other factors present in your area.