Different Types of Staircases

Staircases also come in great architecture that matches the design and comfy feature of a house or any establishment that require steps to lead from a floor to another. The significance of stairs that is ancient as history still delivers up to modern architecture.  Whether it is with a wood or metal spindle staircase, the designs and types vary depending on the structure and architectural style.

Depending on your house's theme, you can choose from different types:

Arched Staircase

Arched staircases are suitable for an establishment which has huge floor space. This type of staircase is usually placed at the center of the space.  They’re best suited for grand occasions and grand entrance gatherings.  Always goes well with a metal spindle staircase for quality architecture design.

Straight and Simple

You will never go wrong with this type of staircase especially for small establishments because of its simple design of wood and non-metal materials.

In the Corners/ L-shaped Stairs

This type of staircase is made to maximize the space. It’s safer to use than other staircases for it is built on the side walls and to make the place more comfortable to live in.


Winders are most popular in modern houses for its curved sleek style. Sometimes they’re a 90 or 180 degrees angled or bent type of staircase. It’s much easier to be installed in various places.

Halfway There

This type of stairs is recommended for houses with high ceilings. With a limited number of steps, have a small flat space before another set of limited steps of the staircase to turn to.


A spiral type of stairs is usually used in small spaces. This is not recommended for a full-sized second floor for its narrow space, and larger objects are hard to pass through.


This is a compact type of stair that is not convenient to most people. With its one-foot-at-a-time feature, this type has unsafe disadvantages for its alternating space for steps.

Some of these types are wood and metal spindle staircase which is recommendable for durability and quality staircases you may prefer for your home. Any of these you choose, keep in mind that safety and proper information are more important for a comfy home.