Tips on Replacing Wood Balusters With Iron


Replacing wood balusters with iron can help give your railing the fresh new look that you're aiming for. The wide variety of designs that iron balusters, plus its numerous benefits have convinced many homeowners to start switching from wood to iron. Now, changing from wood balusters to iron can be both easy and challenging depending on the relevant set of skills that you have and your ability to follow instructions.


There are two primary ways you go when replacing wood balusters with iron. One is to do it on your own, making it your own little DIY project or you can hire a professional contractor to do it for you. To guide you in the decision process, here are some tips that you might want to consider:


Replacing Wood Balusters With Iron –DIY or Hire a Professional




One of the primary consideration when deciding whether you should hire a professional or DIY, is your experience. Be honest and accept that relevant experience matters when engaging in home improvements such as replacing wood balusters with iron. Check the manual of the iron baluster replacement kit that you bought and consider visualizing how to execute each step. If you are unsure of any of the steps, then it’s best to just hire an experienced professional to do the installation for you.




Do you have the time to take on this type of project. Replacing wood balusters with iron may take longer than you think, depending on how well you follow the replacement instructions or the adjustments that you need to apply to the materials so that everything fits the way they should. Either way, the less experience you have regarding this matter, the longer it can take you to replace your wood balusters. Which is one of the primary reasons why people with a busy schedule would rather pay for a professional to do the replacing, rather than ruin their schedule.




Clearly replacing wood balusters with iron by yourself is much cheaper compared to getting a professional’s help. However, you must also think of the cost-benefit. Due to your lack of experience regarding the matter, there is a big risk that you might do something wrong or cause unnecessary damage to your railing which can result in even more costly repair. With a professional contractor, there is a lesser risk that something could go wrong and even if something unwanted may take place, the contractor's insurance and warranty should be able to cover the cost.


The details here are just some of the things that you might want to consider when replacing wood balusters with iron.