How to Clean Wrought Iron Staircase Metal Spindles

Staircase metal spindles make a great addition to your home, by beautifying it and enhancing your home theme. Wrought iron staircase spindles comes in a wide variety of elegant shapes and design. Place this type of spindles inside or outside of your home and you’ll surely love how much difference it can make. Not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of durability and reliability.

One of the common reasons why people change to staircase metal spindles is to help accent their plain looking stairs. The secondary reason is usually because of compromised existing spindles, such as broken glass spindle or damaged wood stair spindle. In order to get rid of the problem once and for all, most of the people who experience this switch to wrought iron metal spindles.

However, you should note that although wrought iron is a durable material and not prone to chipping or being damaged by pests, weather or other common wear and tear agent, it is still important that you know how to clean it in order to preserve its beauty and refrain from damaging its protective paint against rusting. To give you some ideas on how to clean wrought iron metal spindles, see the details below:

Tips on How to Clean Wrought Iron Staircase Metal Spindles

·       Dusting wrought iron staircase metal spindles help prevent dust and dirt build up. Letting dust and dirt accumulate on your metal spindles can cause the color or paint of your spindles to look faded. If left unattended this dirt can seep through deep into the crevices between your stairs and spindles or they tend to stick on to the corners of the deign of you baluster, making it harder to clean. This is why regular dusting is recommended. When dusting, use a clean, dry and soft cloth or use a feather duster.


·       For stubborn build up of dirt you can use vinegar and water solution. Place the solution in a spray bottle and apply it to the affected area. Use a clean and soft cloth to scrub off hard to remove grime after you apply the vinegar solution. Once you are done, make sure to dry the wrought iron staircase metal spindles using a dry, clean soft cloth.


The details provided here are just some tips that you can use to help preserve the beauty of your wrought iron staircase metal spindles.