The Fame of Staircases

Not only just a part of a house or building, staircases play a huge part in any establishments especially when it is a glamorous place that consists of a huge architectural design effort. A staircase spindles with wrought iron detail and marble deck steps with a fine carpet are so irresistible to glimpse and look at the arts and design closely. And somehow, a staircase can be so famous that can be so remarkable in ways. Here are the examples of the most famous staircases in the world.

1. The Grand Staircase of the Movie Titanic

This timeless classic style of staircase gave us goose bumps when Hollywood stars Leonardo di Carpio and Kate Winslet lead the tragic love story of Jack and Rose in the 1997 blockbuster movie, Titanic. The staircase spindles with a wrought iron design with a touch of European style gave a romantic scene when Jack and Rose glanced at each other for the first time in the party, and the second time in the memory of the old lady Rose reminiscing the magnificent moments of Titanic.

2. The White House Grand Staircase in Washington D.C.

This staircase became famous for being the most photographed area of the White House with the different leaders of the nation who made the famous walks in generations. Combining its simple yet dashing style of staircase spindles with wrought iron designs, carpet, and chandelier makes this traditional style a reflection of American homes.

3. The Lello Bookshop in Portugal

Instead of wrought iron, "Livraria Lello" in Portugal has staircase made of detailed wooden balusters connecting to the first floor's gallery. A large stained glass window is placed over the staircase, the interior design of this incredible bookshop was visited by J.K.Rowling (author of Harry Potter) when she visited Portugal to teach English. There it became an inspiration for Rowling's creative imagination in writing Harry Potter.