Comparing Stairs with Wrought Iron Spindles to Wood Spindles

Whenever you are renovating or just decorating your home, one of the parts you cannot ignore is the staircase. Having stairs with wrought iron spindles has a lot to offer, as compared to having one with wood spindles in your home. For instance, installing wrought iron spindles in your staircase will improve its functionality, aesthetic value as well as improve the value of the entire property. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners who are renovating their homes to add value before selling them. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future, you should consider replacing the wood spindles on the staircase with wrought iron spindles. So, why would you have your wood spindles replaced with wrought iron spindles?

Stairs with Wrought Iron Spindles are More Durable

While wood spindles may be comparatively cheaper to install, as compared to iron spindles, wood is susceptible to damage by water, rot, termites and vermin. Such aspects make wood less durable. Stairs with wrought iron spindles will not experience such problems and with proper coating, rust will also not be an issue for your iron spindles. In this regard, most homeowners today prefer wrought iron spindles over wood mainly because of the remarkable durability that iron has to offer.

The Ductility of Iron Spindles

Another shortcoming associated with wood for staircase balusters is the fact that wood is not as malleable as wrought iron is. This makes it almost impossible to craft out certain patterns and designs out of wood, mainly the decorative, curvy baluster designs. Stairs with wrought iron spindles, on the other hand, offer a vast array of designs and shapes. This is mainly because wrought iron is ductile and malleable, hence may be moulded into any shape ad design you desire.  This feature is particularly beneficial in the manufacture of custom wrought iron spindles. This being the case, you can have stairs with wrought iron spindles custom made to suit your particular tastes and preferences.

In recent past, the preference of stairs with wrought iron spindles over the ones with wood spindles has been in the increase. As a result the leading craftsmen, decorators and fabricators in the country are more inclined towards the manufacture of wrought iron balusters.