5 Types of Railings

From wood, glass, or modern iron railings, these add an astonishing effect of any staircases of a home.  Though only few would appreciate the art and design of a staircase, it is important to know which type of materials and railings you should apply depending on the style and the personality you put in the architectural design of your home.

Whatever type you prefer to use on your house or establishment, it’s better consider this list to give you ideas. Here are the five types of railings everyone should know:

1. Horizontal Steel

Horizontal steel gives a classy and professional style on staircases that can easily match most modern houses. It’s best suited with thinner handles to give more space for a small place with its simple yet uniformed design.

2. Glass

 This type makes any place look more spacious for it doesn't block the view of the stairs itself. But this also has the disadvantage of having unsafe actions of children who may wreck or break the glass. If you have children, you may have to reconsider having this type for your railing.

3. Frosted Glass

This type of hard glass comes in plain and creative designs and gives natural light to any staircases at home.

4. Traditional Iron

The most commonly used is modern iron railings for safer and more efficient staircases. This type comes in various designs to choose from for an enticing look for your home.  Iron offers quality and durability that is the main reason for it being popular in years.

5.  Wood

Wood is a classic yet also traditional railing you can find in modern houses nowadays. This type gives a country like an ambiance, though a bit affordable than modern iron railings. However, the wood type can also be breakable depending on the kind of wood, and thickness of the wood design will be chosen.