Pros and Cons of Rod Iron Spiral Staircase  


There are many reasons why homeowners prefer rod iron spiral staircase. If you are thinking whether the same staircase is suitable for your home, then you must first understand the pros and cons of this option. Like most of the choices you already made, choosing iron spiral staircase can work for you or against you depending on your priorities and circumstances. To help you better understand, here isa list of the pros and cons of an iron spiral staircase:

Benefits and Disadvantages of Spiral Staircase


Great Space Saver

One of the primary benefits of rod iron spiral staircase is they are a great space saver. Homes with limited space can save up to 40% more space using spiral staircase, compared to installing traditional staircase. This gives you more space for your things or more breathing space, which is the primary reason why you commonly see a spiral staircase in small apartments, condominiums with mezzanine and home exterior.


Being able to shape rod iron into various intricate designs, you can be sure that your iron spiral staircase can definitely showcase itself as a primary piece in your home. Whether you are aiming for a modern-minimalist look or old fashioned finish, you’ll surely find it with iron materials.

Secure and Durable

Of all spiral staircase materials, it is always the rod iron spiral staircase that offers a high level of security and durability. You can rely on your iron staircase to withstand strong amount of weight and pressure, so whether you are lifting heavy objects through the stairs or you accidentally slip, you can rely on your iron staircase to stay together. Rod iron is also resistant to pests and harsh weather condition, which make them ideal not only for indoor but also as outdoor metal spiral staircase.



The steps of rod iron spiral staircase are usually narrow and it only offers a single hand rail. These factors are common concerns for safety, especially for people who have physical limitations such as elderly or those that require support when navigating the stairs.


Transporting large objects through rod iron spiral staircase is also a major concern, particularly for those who are moving in or moving out of the property. Because the spiral staircase offers limited space, it would be harder to maneuver and transport a love seat or a large cabinet through this type of stairs.

The details provided here are just some of the pros and cons of getting rod iron spiral staircase.