How to Buy and Install Steel Balusters for Stairs

Installing steel balusters for stairs is a wise decision, with regards to having a beautiful, yet distinctive staircase design in your home. Another benefit associated with this balusters option is that they are easy to install. As such, you can actually install them on your own and save money on the installation process.  In addition to online vendors and suppliers of stair parts, you can also source your custom made staircase spindles from the renowned fabricators in the country for that unique look of the staircase you have always craved for.

When shopping for your replacement of first time installation spindles for your DIY (do it yourself) installation or replacement project, it is advisable to buy the powder- coated steel balusters for stairs. You should also select your preferred baluster diameter. This should be primarily influenced by the size of the railings on your staircase, for the case of a replacement project. Now that you have the right spindles, how do you go about the installation process?

1.     Prepare Holes for Your Spindles

To begin with, you should calculate the appropriate spacing for your balusters. In this regard, it is advisable to mark an on-centre layout for the new spindles on the two stair rails. Having determined the right spacing for the balusters, you should drill the holes, using a consistent depth, preferably /4-inches. This may be done using a drill press or a drill guide.

2.     Assembling Your Deck Railing

With holes ready, unclamp the stair rails and clean chips out of the various holes you just drilled. You should then apply silicone caulk, in small amounts, in each of the holes you just drilled. You should then insert the spindles into one of the rails while ensuring that they are tightly embedded into the rail. Once done, you should fit the remaining rail over the other spindle ends and ensure that they are tightly embedded as well. To do this, you need to clamp the first rail in place and then tap the one you just attached to the balusters using a piece of wood and a hummer.

3.     Attaching the Deck Railing Section

Finally, you should lift the railing section you just assembled into place. Using small angle brackets at the bottom of the section, you should fasten the rails to the posts using either nails or screws.